Chatarra de Railes

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Chatarra de Railes

 Compra-Venta de Chatarra de Railes .

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Chatarra de Railes

Compra de Chatarra de Railes , que esten por Paises del Mediteraneo

Paises : Albania, Argelia, Bosnia, Croacia, Chipre, Egipto, Eslovenia, España, Francia, Grecia, Irán, Israel, Italia, Jordania, Líbano, Libia, Malta, Marruecos, Portugal, Siria, Túnez, Turquía .

Precio Cif (Turquia)
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Chatarra de Railes

Compra-Venta de Chatarra de Railes .

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Chatarra de Railes

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Junior Manuel Paz por Junior Manuel Paz @
Hola señor, tengo una oferta de KSA origin rails (Arabia Saudita) el precio por mt es de $ 200 si la compra es de 1 millón de mt por año si compra más de 3 millones de mt es de $ 185 x mt CIF cualquier puerto del mundo

 Nuestro Procedimiento:

 1. El comprador envía la LOI

 2. El vendedor responde con FCO

 3. El comprador envía ICPO

 4. El vendedor responde con el borrador del contrato.

 5. El comprador firmó el borrador del contrato.

 6. El vendedor y el comprador firmaron un contrato.

 7. El comprador abre MT 705 y lo envía por Swift Bank al banco vendedor

 8. El vendedor envía todos los productos de documentos y videos al comprador.

 9. El comprador abre LC

 10.El vendedor comienza a enviar

 El procedimiento no es negociable

 Condiciones de pago: MT700 o.  MT705 Confirmado a la vista 100% del valor total del contrato

 LC revuelta e irrevocable confirmada

 Origen: KSA

 Si la compra es de 6 millones de tm, el precio sería de 175 $ xmt Comisión incluida de 5 $ xmt
Junior Manuel Paz por Junior Manuel Paz @
Hello sir I have an offer from KSA origin rails (Saudi Arabia) the price per mt is $ 200 if the purchase is 1 million mt per year if you buy more than 3 million mt it is $ 185  x mt CIF any port in the world 

 Our Procedure:

 1. The buyer send LOI

 2. The seller reply with FCO

 3. The buyer send ICPO

 4. The seller reply with contract draft

 5. The buyer signed the contract draft

 6. The seller and the buyer signed contract

 7. The buyer open MT 705 and send it by swift Bank to seller Bank

 8. The seller send all documents and videos products to the buyer.

 9. The buyer open LC

 10.The seller start shipping 

The procedure is not negotiable

Payment terms: MT700 or. MT705 Confirmed at sight 100% of the total contract value 

confirmed revolved and irrevocable LC

Origin: KSA

If the purchase is 6 million mt, the price would be 175 $ xmt Commission included of 5 $ xmt
Reciclajes Comprasur por Reciclajes Comprasur @
Chatarra de Raíles R50/R65(Cortados a Trozos)

Origen : Rusia y Ucrania

Cantidad : 50.000 TN al mes

Preció Cif : 185 Dolares:

Forma de Pago 100% LC


                                                                                                                                                                       To:  END SELLER                                                                                       September 3, 2020                                                                     




                                                LETTER OF INTENT


We, Sudamerican Group Argentina , do hereby offer for purchase under full corporate authority

And do hereby confirm that we are ready, willing and able to buy the commodity

Indicated below under the terms, conditions and price.



SPECIFICATIONS:  Standard specs for used rails, cut to 1.2 meters. R65 64.72 kgs p/meter

                                 R50 51.67 kgs/ meter. Cut to 1.20 meters

PACKING: Bundled


QUANTITY: TRIAL 200,000 mts then 250,000 mts x 12                  




                                       ARE RELEASED AT DISCHARGE PORT AFTER INSPECTION


                                   Page 2 continued FCO



        Buyer sends LOI

        Seller issues FCO to Buyer and if they accept they sign and return it

Via email.

Buyer sends ICPO.

        Seller sends Buyer Draft SPA open for amendments (Buyer’s have 5

Days to return this with amendments, signed and stamped to Seller.

        Seller sends a video as POP with Buyer’s name and date, Seller also

Sends invitation letter.

        Buyer sends copy of the SWIFT

        Seller exports.



        Commercial Invoice

        Original Ocean Bills of Lading

        Certificate of Origin

        Packing list

        Certificate of quantity & quality provided by an independent

Surveyor and chemical lab.

        Certificate showing cargo is free of radiation (if required)

        AQSIQ Certificate (if the discharge is Chinese port)


    Page 3 continuation of FCO


 CRIMINAL & CIVIL LAW Clearly may differ from country to country but under the laws

Of the USA clearly state that is a crime punishable by imprisonment and a fine to sell

Something that te seller can’t deliver. The law also states that without the consent

Of the buyer’s in writing that seller’s are not allowed to show any documents. Our

They will be punished under law. This also applies to sanitized documents.


Best Regards

        Carlos A Bacchella
Sudamerican Group Argentina

Telephone 00542234726568           
Email [hidden email]








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Chatarra de Railes

Compra-Venta de Chatarra de Railes .

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